Suman ni Harvey


4 cups uncooked Jordan Farm's Sung Sung or Farmboy Malagkit Rice

3 cups coconut milk (3 niyogs)

2 tbsp salt

banana leaves

black pepper



1 cup grated coconut (niyog)

mango (optional), cubed



  1. Wash uncooked Jordan Farm's Sung Sung or Farmboy malagkit rice. Soak in water for 2-3 hours until rice plumps. Drain.

  2. Mix with coconut milk and add the salt according to taste.

  3. Put rice mix in the banana leaves. Do not put too much because the rice will rise when boiled.

  4. Roll banana leaves and fold the sides to seal.

  5. In a pot, boil water. Immerse uncooked suman in the boiling water. Make sure it is covered by water.

  6. Boil for approximately 2 hours.

  7. Serve with sugar on the side and grated coconut.