“More than Just Rice – It’s the Meaning of Life.”

Our God has been good and faithful and has blessed man with every good thing. Rice, of which our main business is based, is just one of the uncountable blessings given to man. Our company recognizes His goodness, lifts up its humble gratitude and strives to follow in His footsteps.

Sunnywood Superfoods Corporation (SSC) started operating as a single proprietorship in September of 1997 supplying branded rice to consumers in the supermarkets. It has 3 well-established brands:  Harvester’s, Jordan Farms and Farmboy.  It has been a market leader by way of making available to consumers a wide range of exciting varieties of rice, including healthy unpolished black, red and brown grains which have now become very familiar and accepted by consumers.  We are also in the forefront of promoting organically grown rice by encouraging and helping cooperatives engaged in organic farming.

Our Vision

• To be the best, first-choice distributor of rice and other food products in the Philippines

• To be strongly supportive of local producers of rice, including sources of native, traditional rice varieties

• To be an active partner with producer groups in the propagation of organically-grown rice and food products

• To be a God-acknowledging and God-fearing company

Our Mission

• To establish and maintain a fair, respectful and appreciative business relationship with our customers and suppliers

• To endeavor to promote customer satisfaction by providing attentive, personal, quality service

• To actively promote the local production and marketing of native and traditional varieties of rice and other food products

• To strive for significant improvements in our products and services

• To seek and develop new markets, sources of supplies, locations, and products to improve profitability

• To find ways to meet and exceed the sales goals of the company

• To promote respect for the individual by providing an environment that encourages the employee to grow